IT Partner works with CMPLTE to Impressive Results

Our IT partner engaged CMPLTE to assist with an office move for a boutique law firm of 35 users. The customer had only recently purchased new phone equipment. As a result instead of needing to replace legacy hardware CMPLTE was tasked with reusing the existing phones but deliver the features, performance and scalability they were promised by their previous provider. In addition, the new location had no wiring, no internet and no IT closet.

CMPLTE engineers began to survey and design the new location while creating a plan of action to move the existing office.

The close partnership between CMPLTE and the customers IT provider was critical in ensuring that all the project goals were met. In the end CMPLTE built the entire network room, installed multiple WiFi access points throughout the space and hard-wired every conference room, phone booth and desk.

"We have 10 different phone numbers and we never know which number our client dialed to reach us. We need know which marketing number they dialed." - Partner, Law Firm

The limitations didn’t end there. Without the proper configuration even with VoIP based systems, a failure in any one component typically cascades into failures in other parts. One thing goes wrong and the whole firm is out of commission while you get on the phone with tech support.

CMPLTE provides a fully managed phone system solution with A-Z support. Our failover systems engage as soon as any one component fails to ensure calls always get through to their destination. We work closely with IT providers to deliver a world-class product that focuses on reliability, scalability and price.


CMPLTE was able to design the entire office space, run every single wire that was needed and allow the IT team to "do their thing."

In addition, CMPLTE completely redesigned the call flow of the firm, tagging all the calls and generated detailed reports for the firm.

"We only work with CMPLTE. We know that the customer experience will be perfect. CMPLTE finished all the wiring on time and installed our entire network stack for us. We were able to setup everything remotely and save our technicians from spending the weekend onsite. The customer was thrilled that when they came in on Monday the phone numbers were moved to CMPLTE and the WiFi was working perfectly.” Project Manager, IT MSP

Probably most impressive, at least in terms of the implementation, is the very short space of time required to get it installed and working. We finished all the cabling in under a week and moving the equipment was done in one weekend. On Friday night we removed all the phones and on a Saturday morning, we installed everything. It really was as simple as that.

"I am glad we got additional training at no cost, although the phones were the same as the old ones - we never knew how to use them then. CMPLTE was able to return on three seperate occasions and never charged us once. They wanted us to enjoy what we purchased." - Partner, Law Firm.


CMPLTE ran 96 new voice and data cables to locations around the customers new office. These wires powered Sonos Speakers, WiFi, Printers, Security Cameras and door access.

CMPLTE repurposed all of the clients desk phones and re-configured them to our service.

The predictable benefit of working closely with an IT provider are always there. That's why CMPLTE values more than just having a good 'channel' but really engaging with our partners to elevate the customer experience.